Conference on Recent Progress in Foundations of Physics (FPhy13)
School of Physics, IPM
15-16 Aban 1392 (6-7 November 2013)


A two-day conference on the recent progress in foundations of physics is planned by and held at School of Physics, Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences (IPM) Tehran. This is intended to provide advanced research information about the on-going activities in the hot topics and on-going activities in the contemporary and the foundations of physics.

The conference covers the following topics:

   • Entanglement and Non-locality

   • Reality and Contextuality in physics

   • Foundations of Physics and its Application in Quantum Information Theory  

   • Fundamental problems in Early Universe and Cosmology

   • Fundamental problems in Quantum Gravity and Quantum Filed Theory

   • Bohmian Quantum Mechanics

   • Quantum Effects in Biological Systems

There will be a poster session for graduate students to present their results. Graduate students in the field of Foundations of Physics are encouraged to participate.


Conference fee:

There is a 300/000 Rials conference fee which covers the lunches and coffee breaks during the conference.

Accommodation fee:

Accommodation fee is 450/000 Rials per night (a double bedroom).

Deadline extension for article submission an registration.


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