School and Workshop on
Quantum Information and Quantum Gravity

School of Physics, IPM

28 Mordad - 1 Shahrivar 1402 (19-23 August 2023)



The three-day school features introductory presentations covering a wide range of topics in quantum information, as well as its intersection with high-energy physics and gravity. This program is tailored for graduate students and interested researchers. Following the school, the workshop will be held, during which recent findings and advancements in these fields will be presented and discussed.

The school and the first day of the workshop will take place in a hybrid format, while the last day will be held entirely online. For the first four days, participants have the option to attend either in person or virtually.




The deadline for registration is 5th of August, 2023 (14 Mordad, 1402).
Registration fee: 300,000 Tomans.
Registration fee for online participants: 100,000 Tomans.


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