Workshop on Physics of Polymers and Biopolymers
24 October 2013 (2 Aban 1392)
School of Physics, IPM, Tehran


This workshop is aimed at advanced graduate students, postdocs and active researchers in areas related to Soft Matter, Biological and Statistical Physics. The lectures cover various aspects of polymer physics including basic theory of neutral and charged polymers and their applications, mechanics and elasticity of biopolymers such as DNA, DNA complexes and chromatin, RNA folding, charged polymer brushes and bundles, and polymer dynamics and translocation.

Registration deadline: 12 October 2013 (20 Mehr 1392)
Registration fee: 25,000 Tomans


جهت ثبت‌نام در "كنفرانس فيزيك آماري، مواد نرم و زيستي" كه يك روز پس از اين كارگاه (3 آبان 1392) برگزار مي‌شود به اين آدرس مراجعه كنيد. (هزينه شركت در كنفرانس مذكور براي كساني كه در اين كارگاه شركت مي‌كنند همراه با تخفيف ويژه 150,000 ريال مي‌باشد.)

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