IPM one-day school on symmetries in high energy physics
School of Physics, IPM
26 December, 2013 (5 Dey, 1392)

Symmetries have fascinated mankind since the beginning of civilization. In the past 150 years,  concept of symmetries have played a crucial role for shaping our understanding of the underlying forces of Nature and its building blocks. Nowadays, invoking symmetries is a well-established tool and a guideline for building models beyond the known physics. The aim of this school is to give an overview on the role that symmetries play in high energy physics and build a bridge between a mathematician's and physicist's viewpoint on symmetries.

Topics include:

•          Group theory and Lie algebra;

•          Symmetries in the standard model of elementary particle physics and beyond.

There is no registration fee and no registration is required in advance. No boarding will be provided by the organization.  Venue is the auditorium of the Famanieh building whose address can be found here and the area map can be accessed  here.  Participants who want to stay in the guesthouse should inform us by sending an email to Ms. Pileroudi at  niloufar(at)  by 25th of Azar. The accommodation fee is 450000 Rls per night. Two guests will be accommodated in each room.

Everybody is welcome to attend. Graduate students in high energy physics as well as in mathematics are especially encouraged to attend. The session in the morning will be more mathematics-oriented and the one in the evening more physics-oriented.

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