Tehran Meeting on Cosmology
5 -10 August 2017 (14 -19 Mordad 1396)
 IPM, Tehran, Iran


Welcome to the website of “Tehran Meeting on Cosmology”.

The golden age of cosmology began by the advent of high precision data about two decades ago. It is undergoing periods of ever-increasing excitement thanks to all the surveys with unprecedented accuracy, sky and redshift coverage.  Making robust predictions for cosmological theories and contrasting them with the huge amount of the high precision data is a major focus in theoretical and observational cosmology. The stochastic nature of cosmic fields necessitates developing various statistical approaches and applying all sorts of tools and measures to maximize the accessible amount of information from raw data.

The purpose of "Tehran Meeting on Cosmology" is to gather researchers in selected areas of cosmology, ranging from early to late Universe, to share ideas and discuss recent development.  The meeting focuses on various theoretical topics from primordial perturbations to their consequent evolution leading to the formation of the large- scale structure (LSS) in the Universe, as well as exploring novel and promising corners of cosmological data analysis.

The meeting concentrates on:

- Physics of the early Universe
- Anomalies in the CMB and LSS data
- Large-scale structure and cosmic web
- Topics on cosmological random fields

Invited speakers (so far):

- Yashar Akrami (Leiden, Netherlands)
- Hassan Firouzjahi (IPM, Iran)
- Mahdiyar Noorbala (UT, Iran)
- Bjoern Malte Schaefer (ZAH, Germany)
- Douglas Scott (UBC, Canada)
- Leonardo Senatore (Stanford, USA) 
- Arman Shafieloo (KASI, Korea)
- Ravi K. Sheth (UPenn, USA)
- Eva Silverstein (Stanford, USA)
- Tarun Souradeep (IUCAA, India)



- Aliakbar Abolhasani (SUT & IPM, Iran)
- Amjad Ashoorioon (Bologna, Italy)
- Marzieh Farhang (SBU, Iran)
- Mehrdad Mirbabayi (ICTP, Italy)
- Seyed Mohammad Sadegh Movahed (SBU & IPM, Iran)

We encourage researchers with interest in the above areas to join the program. Postdocs and PhD students are especially welcome. Accommodation is available at IPM guesthouse inside the campus. More information can be found in the registration section.

Registration deadline: 01 July, 2017

This workshop is organized by IPM and sponsored by ICTP, National Elite Foundation.




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