Condensed Matter and Statistical Physics Group
Workshop on Nanoscale Heat Transport
26-27 Farvardin 1394 (
15-16 April 2015)
School of Physics, IPM, Tehran

Recent advances in fabrication of low-dimensional heat conducting nanostructures have led to renewed interest in understanding and manipulating transport phenomena at the nanoscale. Because of its fundamental aspects and important technological applications, nanoscale heat transport has emerged as an interdisciplinary area of research involving condensed matter physics, material sciences, electrical and mechanical engineering, etc. This Workshop covers some of the most recent topics discussed in the field such as heat transport and thermoelectric properties of two-dimensional materials, thermal rectification in carbon nanotubes, transport phenomena in open quantum systems, thermal conductivity in spin systems, etc. The Workshop is aimed at advanced graduate students and postdoctoral researchers. Scientists with an interest in the subject from both physical sciences and engineering disciplines are welcome to attend. A limited number of abstracts will be accepted for poster and oral presentation. Interested applicants are required to register by completing the online registration form at the Workshop’s website, where they can also submit a short (maximum one-page) abstract for their intended poster presentation.  

Registration deadline: 09 April 2015 (20 Farvardin 1394)
Deadline for paper submission: 09 April 2015 (20 Farvardin 1394)
Registration fee: 50,000 Tomans


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