21st IPM Physics Spring Conference
Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences (IPM)
May 21-22, 2012 (31 Ordibehesht- 1 Khordad 1393)

Title of Talks
 ● A.A. Abolhassani

Image of Infant Universe

Notes Audio
 ● M. Alishahiha Holographic entanglement entropy Notes Audio
 ● R. Asgari  New two-dimensional materials beyond graphene Notes Audio
 ● Sh. Baghram Unraveling the nature of Gravity through our clumpy Universe Notes Audio
 ● B. Davoudi  Simulation of Disease Spread on a Random Network Notes Audio
 ● R. Fareghbal

A proposal for the holography of asymptotically flat spacetimes

Notes Audio
 ● H. Haghi The influence of primordial mass segregation on the evolution of star clusters Notes Audio
 ● M. Khakzad The concept of the particle detectors and its applications Notes Audio
 ● H. Khosroshahi  Mining the gap; Understanding galaxy formation using the luminosity gap Notes Audio
 ● H. Mosadeq Quantum phases of a one-dimensional dipolar Fermi gas Notes Audio
 ● A. Mohammadi Search for the Standard Model Higgs boson at LHC Notes Audio
 ● M. Mohammadi Confronting theory and experiment at the LHC Notes Audio
 ● M.F. Miri  Optics of fractal clusters Notes Audio
 ● S. Rahvar  Extra Solar Planet Observation with Gravitational Lensing Notes Audio
 ● A. Rezakhani  Quantum metrology in open systems Notes Audio


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