Iranian Conference on High Energy Physics
Deciphering the Universe Ciphers

School of Physics, IPM
September 30th-October 2nd, 2024 (9-11 Mehr,1403)


IRCHEP 1403 is a conference on high energy physics to be held from September 30th to October 2nd, 2024. The conference gathers experts in high energy physics and cosmology to discuss recent advances and key developments in the field.
3 will be held online. The talks are all by invitation.  The meeting will start at 2 pm (Iranian time) and end around 7:30 pm. In the first two days, the program will consist of three plenary talks, followed by three parallel sessions on high energy phenomenology, theory and cosmology. 

This year corresponds to the year 1403 in the local calendar, hence the name IRCHEP 1403. For more information on the IRCHEP1402  and IRCHEP 1400 meetings, you may visit their websites at here and here.

This conference follows a three-day school on high energy physics which will take place in person at the physics school of IPM. For more information on the school, please visit this link.


1) Dark Matter
2) Neutrino Physics
3) Forward physics

4) Cosmological Tensions & Beyond FLRW Cosmology

5) Primordial Black Holes
6) Boundary Symmetries and Algebras
7) Accelerated Expansion and String Theory
8) Gravitational Waves and Memories and their Detection
9) Black Hole Physics.


The deadline for registration is 26 August, 2024 (5 Shahrivar, 1403). The registration is free of charge.

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