IPM international school and workshop on Particle Physics (IPP13):
Flavor physics and dark matter
School of Physics, IPM, Tehran, Iran
May 4th- 6th, 2013
(14-16 Ordibehesht, 1392)   

Invited Speakers

Title of Talks
S. Agarwalla Three Flavor Effects in Current and Future Oscillation Facilities Audio ( 1,2 ) Note
A. Arbey Dark matter and MSSM Audio Note
Sh. Baghramian New Astrophysical Probes of Dark Matter Substructures: Pulsar Timing & Weak Transient Lensing Audio Note
N. Bozorgnia Bounds on the Dark Matter Annual Modulation Signal Audio Note
B. Choudhury A Review of Neutrino Physics Audio Note
E. Erfani Dark Matter Primordial Black Holes Audio Note
Y. Farzan Implications of Planck Data for Dark Matter of Various Mass Range Audio Note
F. Mahmoudi B-physics and MSSM Audio Note
A. Maleknejad Gauge Fields and Inflation Audio Note
Y. Mambrini Gamma-ray line and Dark Matter phenomenology Audio Note
M. Noorbala Inflato-Natural Leptogenesis: Leptogenesis in Chromo-Natural Inflation and Gauge-Flation Audio Note
P. Pakarha Measuring the Low Energy Response of Liquid Xenon to Nuclear Recoils Audio Note
S. Pascoli The multi-channel low energy neutrino factory Audio (1,2) Note
M. Passera Testing the Standard Model with Lepton g-2 Audio Note
Y. Pezeshkian Detector Construction and Array Performance Simulation for Alborz Observatory Array (Alborz-I) Audio Note
A. Rezaei Natural Explanation for 130 GeV Photon Line Within Vector Boson Dark Matter Model Audio Note
M.M. Sheikh-Jabbari Noncommutative Framework for Model Building in Very Special Relativity Audio Note
F. Terranova Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay Audio Note
S. Zeynizadeh Dark Matter, Dark Energy and CMB Audio Note


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