General Seminar 91-92

   Presentation & Lectures:
   Mehr & Aban 01 (Sept/Oct)       
   A. Naji: Lecture series on "Giving Good Scientific Talks/Presentations"
   Aban 08 (29 Oct)     
   A. Seraj (1h): "Gravity as an emergent phenomenon"

   Aban 15 (05 Nov)        

   B. Khavari (1h): "Supersymmetry and mechanisms of breaking it"
   Aban 22 (12 Nov)           Chair: A. Seraj
   F. Ahmadi (1h): "Relativistic quantum information"
   Aban 29 (19 Nov)           Chair: B. Khavari
   P. Bakhti (1h):"Solar Neutrinos and MSW Effect"
   A. Naji: Open-topic discussion session
   Azar 06 (26 Nov)           Chair: F. Ahmadi
   Z. Eidi (1h): "Continuous Time Random Walk"
   A. Naji: Lecture: Recap and additional remarks
   Azar 13 (03 Dec)    Chair: P. Bakhti
   S. Sadeghian (1h): "Green's function in presence of constant magnetic field"
   A. Naji: Open-topic discussion session in English
   Azar 20 (10 Dec)         Chair: Z. Eidi
   A. Ziashahabi (1h): "بررسی خواص اپتیکی نانو ذرات نوبل فلزات"
   A. Naji: Lecture on "Giving Scientific Talks in English"
   Azar 27 (17 Dec)       Chair: S. Sadeghian
   N. Lesani (1h): "Synthesis and characterization of cathode nano-particles of solid oxide fuel cell"
   A. Seraj (20min, English): "The Spectrum of Modified Gravity Theories"
   Dey 04 (24 Dec)   
  M.M. Sheikh-Jabbari (1h): "Quantum Gravity: Necessity and approaches to it" (Guest seminar in
  A. Naji: "Open-topic discussion session"
   Dey 11 (31 Dec)      Chair: A. Ziashahabi
  B. Khavari (20min, English): "Dark Matter and Its candidates"
  P. Bakhti (20min, English): "Global fit to three neutrino mixing"
  S. Sadeghian (20min, English): "Finite Temperature Field Theory"


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