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& Notes

Title of Talks & Notes

Hossein Abbasi

Influence of trapped electrons on the non-stationary evolution of the ion-acoustic solitons train (Note)

Amir Hossein Ahmad Khan Kordbacheh

Generation of high-frequency waves in a free-electron laser loaded with a plasma (Note)

Nahid Ahmadi

The QED photon in a gravitational background field (Note)

Rasul Ajeian

Comparison of four types of electron microcopies and their applications (Note)

Mohsen Alishahiha 

Opening Session

Sepehr Arbabi Bidgoli

A comparative study of void finding algorithms (Note)

Reza Asgari

Quantum transport properties of quasi-2D-electron liquid (Note)

Morteza Aslaninejad

Linear coupling and emittance exchange near resonance and for slow ramp, resonance crossing (Note)

Abolghasem Avazpour

Calculation of elastic constants of hard ellipsoid of revolution uniaxial nematic liquid crystals (Note)

Javad Baedi

The effect of excess Ti and reducing the crystal symmetry on electronic properties of Pb$(Zr_{1-x},Ti_{x})O_{3}$ (Note)

Mohsen Bigdeli


Katayoon Doroud

Theoretical and experimental studies of Resistive Plate Chamber (RPC) detector (Note)

Homayoon Eshraghi

Double Riemann waves in a 2-D magnetized plasma

Yasaman Farzan

R-parity violation assisted thermal Leptogenesis in the seesaw mechanism (Note)

Mohammad Ebrahim Fouladvand

Transportation on complex networks: internet traffic (Note)

Mohammad Ghanaatian

Nuclear Matter Density Profile for Nuclear Synthesis in the Early Universe (Note)

Hadi Goudarzi

Instability of fermions with anomalous magnetic moment in strong external magnetic field (Note)

Nima Hamedani Raja

Informative length scale in protein folding (Note)

Hasan Hasanabadi

Determination of baryon's statical features by using relativity wave function (Note)

Mehdi Heidarsani

Relationship between lattice relaxation and electron delocalization in diamond vacancies (Note)

Safa Jami

Degree of entanglement for qubit-qutrit in a pure state (Note)

Kourosh Javidan

Non classical behaviour in soliton-potential interactions (Note)

Faramarz Kanjouri

Diode effect in magnetic tunnel junctions with impurities (Note)

Fahimeh Karimipour Hadadan

Liquid crystals and casimir effect (Note)

Ali Naghi Khorramian

NNLO logarithmic expansions and exact solutions of the DGLAP equations (Note)

Mohammad Ali Maleki

A quasiclassical approach to the superconducting proximity effect in clean ferromagnetic domain structures (Note)

Behrouz Maraghechi

Unstable coupled-mode structures in a one dimensional raman free-electron laser (Note)

Mehdi Mirfathi

Phenomenological study of asymmetric mode in heavy-ion induced fission reactions (Note)

Mir Faez Miri

Light Propagation in the Soap Foam  in three dimension (Note)

Maryam Mirzaie

Electromagnetic wave propagation through an unsteady plasma (Note)

Seyed Kamran Moayedi

Estimation of the ground-state energy of a one dimensional harmonic oscillator in a non-commutative space-time using GUP (Note)

Ahmad Moshaii

Simulation of sonoluminescence from air bubbles (Note)

Mohammad Sadegh Movahed

Fractal analysis of cosmic microwave background radiation (Note)

Seyed Abuzar Najafi Shushtari

Searching for cluster of galaxies using the CRS-method

Omid Naser Ghodsi

Microscopic calculation of heavy ion cross section by soft-core nucleon-nucleon interaction (Note)

Bahram Nasre-Esfahani

Quantum Communication in a Curved Spacetime (Note)

Sohrab Rahvar

Modified Gravity or Dark matter dark energy? (Note)

Leila Rajaee

Multi-dimensional quasi simple waves in weakly dissipative flows (Note)

Abolfazl Ramezanpour


Neda Sadooghi

Dynamics of O(N) model in a strong magnetic background field as a modified noncommutative field theory (Note)

Vahid Salari

Diagnosing Cancerous Cells via Quantum Mechanical Entanglement (Note)

Jamileh Seyed Yazdi

The effect of confinement on heavy water (Note)

Farhad Shahbazi

Critical properties of Hexatic-B transitions in Smectic liquid crystals: A Monte Carlo study (Note)

Mohammad Mehdi Sheikh Jabbari

Inherent holography in fuzzy spaces and a solution to the cosmological constant problem

Ahmad Sheikhi

Exact rotating solutions in (n+1)-dimensional Einstein-Maxwell-dilaton gravity (Note)

Ahmad Shirzad

Perfect and imperfect gauge fixings

Mohammad Reza Shojaie

The effect of form factor in determination of radius charge of meson and  the effect  of perturbation potential in mass of meson (Note)

Yousef Sobouti

An f(R) gravitation in galactic environments (Note)

Fatemeh Taghavi Shahri

An exploration into the nature of using valon model for calculating polarized parton distribution functions and hadron structure function (Note)

Mahdi Torabian

Vacuua of the Matrix Model of Type IIB String Theory on the $AdS_5\time S^5$ Spacetime

Seyed Mehdi Vaez Alaei

Shape of a wave front in a hetrogenous medium (Note)

Maziar Yaghmaee

How stable and active materials would be under 100nm (Note)

Malek Zareyan

Shot noise of charge and spin in magnetic nanostructures (Note)

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